Managing Anxiety

Having worried feelings and thoughts are things most people experience from time to time. This is different from anxiety though, where those feelings last for days, weeks, months or even years.

Anxiety can have an impact on relationships, work or school performance and really all aspects of daily life. It is much more than simply feeling stressed or worried. People living with anxiety may experience excessive feelings of fear, anticipation of a future threat and a sense to avoid the threat.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Some of the feelings experienced by people with anxiety are:


  • Excessive worried thoughts: constant worries about various aspects of your life, often related to anticipated future threats
  • Feeling restless: a sense of restlessness, an inability to relax, and feeling like you have a lot of energy to release
  • Feeling keyed up or on edge: feeling as if you are constantly on high alert, even in non-threatening situations
  • Easily fatigued: a sense of tiredness all the time due to ongoing state of anxiety
  • Difficulty with concentration: racing thoughts and worry interfere with your ability to focus
  • Muscle tension: physical tension such as muscle tightness or pain
  • Sleep problems: disruption in sleep patterns that make it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or have uninterrupted sleep

Counselling And Therapeutic Approach

Most often treatment methods like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based approaches can help to learn strategies to manage and overcome the troubling thoughts and feelings of anxiety. CBT is a structured and goal-oriented therapy that helps you identify and change negative thoughts patterns and behaviours. Mindfulness-based approaches often include techniques such as mindfulness meditation and increase awareness in the present moment.

At Mind Lift Psychology, your psychologist will help to find the best treatment and management plan for your particular needs. This may involve a combination of therapy and lifestyle adjustments to effectively address and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Remember, help and effective strategies are available if you are living with anxiety.

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