You want to reach your potential, feel less stuck, and be in control.

It’s time to address that in a more consistent way!

Mind Lift Psychology

Performance & Counselling Psychology  | Supervision & Training

Maybe you’re unsure and frustrated by not being able to figure it out on your own You’re discouraged by current life circumstances. Anxious about making change.

Perhaps you’ve talked to every trusted person you know, listened to every podcast or read every self help book, and still haven’t figured out the solution to your problem.

Maybe you’re wondering if you have Autism Or you heard about someone getting an ADHD diagnosis or came across it on social media and realised that you have similar traits.

Do you have it or not?

You’re not wanting medication, but want practical strategies for the way your brain operates.

Perhaps you want more training and guidance in your psychology career.
You’re after a different perspective or a better supervisory alliance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet the supervisor first before committing and then realising it wasn’t the right fit?

Or you’ve heard about assessments for diagnosis but don’t know which ones to choose.

You want a more hands on approach to learning, not another online training where you’re given an overview of a test or intervention but can’t use it in person.

The truth is, sometimes you need help!

The Mind Lift Vision

To improve the mental health care experience for every person with a person-centred approach and utilising evidence based practice.

The Mind Lift Approach

We help adolescents and adults improve their mental wellbeing, performance, and understanding of themselves by providing them with effective evidence-based brain and mental training techniques and skills. 

We provide mentoring and guidance to provisional and registered psychologists to improve their competency in intervention and assessment skills.

The Mind Lift Approach is about growth, and lifting others to reach that goal.

The Mind Lift Values


Being open and genuine in our interactions with others.


Celebrating diversity and working through a cultural lens

Evidence based practice.

The use of current best evidence research and tools.


To provide a safe space for others.

Ways we can help


Psychological assessment for diagnosis and strategies based on your strengths and weaknesses


Counselling for depression, anxiety and everyday life stressors


For those who want to improve their performance in academia, arts, sports and work


Supervision for 4+2 and 5+1 internship, registrar programs and professional supervision


For training on performance-based skills and professional development