performance psychology assessment (2)

What kind of performer are you?


Noticing it’s hard to retain new learnt information? Noticing that you go “blank” in exams
Have exam anxiety?
Feel restricted in accessing your logical thinking and problem solving skills?

Learn to quiet the mind and reduce pre-exam and public speaking nerves. Improve your attention and focus so you can study effectively. Enhance critical thinking with brain training and mental techniques.


Getting stage fright? Finding it hard to access your creative thinking or creative skills? Struggling with your pre-performance routine?


We can help facilitate effective mental preparation for a performance. Access the part of your brain involved in creative thinking and creative skills. Learn how to calm performance-related emotions.


Finding it hard to quiet the mind, find stillness, maintain focus and minimise distracting thoughts? Want to reduce mind chatter?


Brain training and mental techniques can assist in improving your ability to meditate and optimising your meditation practice.


Feeling like you let the team down? Finding it hard to manage pre-competition nerves? Noticing that you train well but it’s not reflected in your competition performance? Can’t quite crack it to the next level? Feel you’re losing that competitive edge?

We can help improve your mental fitness to increase your physical performance in the gym and competitive training. High performance techniques are not exclusively reserved for the elites. Recreational and amateur athletes who are looking to improve their mental skills and experience of their sport can also benefit.


Feeling it’s hard to minimise distracting thoughts? Finding it’s hard to multitask? Feeling overwhelmed at work?


We can help you to maximise executive functioning skills. Teach you how to avoid burnout and mental exhaustion. Help optimise mental abilities required to be effective in your professional environment.

How do we work with performance?

Treatment plans are tailored to you and may incorporate brain training and mental techniques depending on the nature of your goals.


Brain training and mental techniques include:

  • biofeedback training
  • mental imagery
  • resilience training
  • confidence building
  • motivation
  • emotion regulation
  • attention training
  • improving self-talk
  • managing and accepting setbacks
  • purposeful goal setting
  • managing relationships (eg. team, coach, peers)
“Mental strength is what separates champions from near champions.”

— Rafael da Silva